Company Background & Mission:
Our Company Modern Life Ltd. was established in 1995 and the first retail store was named “Déntro” means “The inside philosophy” the collection consist of contemporary, trendy and sophisticated European furnitures & lightings, an unique designs by the World’s well-known Designers.

Company Philosophy:

“Dentro” in Italian means inside in English.

This is such an appropriate word of how our company can do for space inside.

Space can be utilized by using beautiful and modern objects and furnitures to make an inside space unique to one another.

Also, by using different style of design furnitures and objects, an inside space will transform to a statement or message which echo the taste and lifestyle of the owner and user, which also can be interpreted the moment in time.

Of course, good design can be perpetual and can be appreciated in different period.

We also attended to many details in order to give customer a satisfactory experience. We have well trained staffs to service the clients, design team to provide detail and perspective, and regularly have sent the staffs for training abroad for product understanding. We work very close with designers and Architects, developer's project, walk-in customer.

Our mission is to give clients a unique experience of modern design to enhance the style of living.


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